Divine Guidance with Tarot Reading

“Connection with divine guidance is tarot for me.”

~ Sarika Bhardwaj

Sarika has always been curious about tarot; as a child she used to go online to try and find divine messages. She has always seen things differently to other people her age, and she never had the barrier belief that stopped them from taking risks or doing something extraordinary. Sarika’s family life was difficult for her to understand, which made her more dependent on outside sources of guidance. She saw tarot cards as a way to get divine guidance and answers, and she started practicing online. Now, Sarika is a professional tarot practitioner who encourages people to seek divine guidance. What you seek, it seeks as well. She always sought guidance from higher realms because she could never find help in this limited world. If you are a person who has faith in divine guidance and seeks higher messages for your present life choices, decisions, worries, problems, or loss, then the tarot is for you. The cards hold great wisdom and answers if you put your faith in them. She started developing a divine faith whenever she encountered a Tarot reader in any mall or online. She always thought it was amusing that her search for the proper guidance led her to the tarot card. Her passions have always been writing and tarot. She started learning the patterns, colours, and meaning behind the pictures and symbols. She always felt connected to others and always felt the passion to express something that could be turned into art.

Tarot is a form of art that is infused with the energies of spirits, gods, ancestors, and deities. It represents a religion of art, which is focused on creativity and self-expression.
There are many methods and practices that people practice, teach, and seek help through to gain control over their worlds or the future by seeking guidance through such practices. Sarika’s faith in cards is not intended to provide you with a new belief, but rather to help you understand where your true beliefs stand in the present. Tarot is an art of faith, or more accurately, the expression of faith.
Do not put hope or any other energy into it if you seek guidance through the Sarika channel of tarot expression as she believes we have the right to give life the chance to be curious and to live unpredictably. Seeking predictions is not the way to connect with cards.
A tarot is an art form for her, a form of guidance. Still, yes, if you seek present-moment guidance or a message and anything related to the past to be revealed or anything for the future to be created in the right manifestation form through tarot, then she has expertise in that.
Before receiving readings from Sarika, it is important to develop a strong faith connection. This can be done by downloading faith-based beliefs. Sarika is a certified Theta healer who specializes in meditation techniques. She can help you receive messages from the source of all healing, which can create positive results in your life.
Tarot cards can be used for guidance on any issue, whether it is financial, career-related, or personal. They can help you gain clarity on a situation and make more informed choices.
The answers will be based on the three cards opened by Sarika.
To better understand the connection between the past, present, and future, we must first understand the karmic cycle we all live in. We are bound to our karmic cycles by the passage of time. Time has three dimensions: length, width, and depth. The past, present, and future are all parts of time.
Before asking your question, please take a moment to clarify your thoughts and ensure that the question pertains to the present, past, or future. This will help us give you more accurate answers. Once we have a better understanding of the question, we can begin to look for answers.
Sarika opens three cards in response to a previous question which represents any decision you made that led you to perform an action and the result you received as a result of it.
Clients find it helpful to have faith-based belief downloads done before receiving healing from the source. This helps to create a positive space for receiving the message and guidance.

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I am most appreciative of swritebysarika because it gave me back my connection with Creator. It also provided me with exceptional healing skills to help myself and others live a peaceful and joyful life. Thank you, Sarika Bhardwaj.
- Arushi Grover
With theta healing session my health has improved a lot. I have achieved the perfect health. My past issues have been resolved. I have achieved loving relation with my family members. I had lazy eye from birth. I took healing session from Sarika mam and I witnessed it became normal with one session. Thank you so much Swrite and Sarika.
- Manpreet Singh
It's been great being a part of the Theta family and the Divine Light. It does open up our mind's horizons in unbelievable ways and it makes you have Faith, feel Secure, tread the paths of life with an ease and smile on your face and with trust and confidence in your heart. I feel connected and I'm grateful to Sarika.
- Suhani Malhotra