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Life Journey

“Jo Kuch Nahi Karte, Woh Kamal Karte Hain.”

This dialogue by her favourite actor Shahrukh Khan perfectly describes Sarika’s life journey. This simply means that we are preparing for a larger purpose or aim when we are aimless or directionless.

The amount of time you succeed doesn’t matter; the amount of time you fail matters because learning doesn’t arise from success; it appears through failing constantly in life. The more you fail, the more God provides for you to learn.

Author Sarika Bhardwaj

Presence with a Purpose

Sarika Bhardwaj is a certified coach and theta healing practitioner. She aims to continue raising people’s consciousness and imparting useful information about “self-presence” by changing the narrative, albeit with a stronger identity and more refined methods.

 She has always been interested in writing as a way to express herself and to understand herself better. She has a variety of work experience in different industries, from modelling to event planning to life coaching. She decided to become a life coach after studying Theta healing, which showed her how our thoughts can affect our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Writing has always been her passion, and after incorporating my learnings from theta healing and life coaching, she finally felt confident enough to launch her own writing career.

The way a tree interacts with the natural world, giving and receiving resources, is analogous to how Swrite operates. A higher purpose and mission, and anything that contributes to that is beneficial to those who connect to us.

Sarika Bhardwaj


Some students do education till the university, and some are satisfied with their basic education; she was one of the same students who were okay with the basic education from the material world. From being an average school dropout to a self-sufficient girl at the age of 16, she underwent a wide range of learning experiences. She had no choice but to make independent choices. 

Often at her early age, she looked around and noticed that everyone her age or younger had a plan for their lives, so she understood that not just she simply lacked a purpose; it was also a lack of direction. Direction determines our life course, and without it, we may end up doing things randomly or ineffectively. But, because she had no solid direction, she tried her hand at a variety of things. She gathered some money and started her own event company, but failed because she was never pleased, excited, or worked really hard there; she just earned money and spent it—from north to south—at work. Her professional life has been a wild ride. There was a time when she had no purpose, no direction, and the road she chose for herself was far away from driving her to move her head.

There she realized, “we can lose sight of the fact that our existence serves a higher purpose if we get too busy with the material world. The goal is not to learn anything from the visible world, but to delve deeper to know the ultimate truth of life.”


Sarika’s spiritual journey embarked at the age of 31 when she realized that her life has a deeper significance. Her most important lessons have come from her own “self-discovery”. During her self-realization moment, she discovered ‘the meaning of her life’.

“I cannot yet summarize my life journey in words because there are still many experiences to come, but if I had to sum up each day, I would say that I live with the power of gratitude and mantras, and my inclination toward spirituality has not only transformed me as a person but has connected me to human emotions, patterns, and behaviours. With my life lessons, I have come up with a concept called “self-presence,” which has the power to transform your day. It gives your experience of the day valuable meaning, which not only shapes your present but also shapes a peaceful and contented day. Yes, it is possible; if I have done it, you can too!,”she says.