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Motivated by her personal experiences in life, Sarika Bhardwaj has seized and continues to take advantage of opportunities to learn and develop her own consciousness through spiritual practices and methods. Book your free consultation today and see the change and awareness in your life.


About Me - Sarika bhardwaj

Welcome everyone to Swrite – the place where life becomes an adventure! 

At Swrite, we believe that life is a journey and the most incredible adventure of all. We want to help you unlock your true potential and create the story that you have always wanted to tell.

We aim to do this by providing you with an array of services, from tarot readings and spiritual counseling to books and blog posts, all of which will help promote life awareness and further your knowledge.

From getting to know yourself better to understanding relationships – whatever it is that you need to take control of your life, we got you covered! Get ready to transform the narrative of your story with Swrite.
Author Sarika Bhardwaj

A Fool's Journey by sarika bhardwaj

In her Book, “A Fool’s Journey,” Sarika explores the idea of taking risks and embracing change.

The book discusses the ontology of existence, creation, being, becoming, and reality for those
seeking knowledge and understanding.


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My name is Ashley and I am living in Dubai. My life has changed and keeps on changing every day thanks to SwriteBySarika and her precious Founder Sarika. I am in love with the technique and the results I witness every day in myself and in all of my clients and students. Sarika has changed my life completely and I keep on changing daily, doing work on myself and others.
- Ashley Sayed
I am most appreciative of swritebysarika because it gave me back my connection with Creator.

It also provided me with exceptional healing skills to help myself and others live a peaceful and joyful life. Thank you, Sarika Bhardwaj.
- Arushi Grover
With theta healing session my health has improved a lot. I have achieved the perfect health. My past issues have been resolved. I have achieved loving relation with my family members. I had lazy eye from birth. I took healing session from Sarika mam and I witnessed it became normal with one session. Thank you so much Swrite and Sarika.
- Manpreet Singh
It's been great being a part of the Theta family and the Divine Light. It does open up our mind's horizons in unbelievable ways and it makes you have Faith, feel Secure, tread the paths of life with an ease and smile on your face and with trust and confidence in your heart. I feel connected and I'm grateful to Sarika.
- Suhani Malhotra

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