Life Coach Sarika Bhardwaj

Science Behind Your Gut Feelings By Life Coach Sarika Bhardwaj

In a world where science often appears to stand at odds with the mystical, there is a fascinating bridge that connects these seemingly opposing worlds. In this blog, we’ll explore the profound science underlying our gut instincts with Sarika Bhardwaj, the renowned Spiritual Life Coach with her base in the UAE, author of the transformational book ‘A Fool’s Journey,’ and Tarot card reader. With Sarika’s guidance, let’s go out on a trip together to discover the mystical foundations of our intuitive perceptions.

Accepting Your Inner Guidance

Sarika Bhardwaj acknowledges the amazing influence of intuition in our lives from the outset of our journey. She emphasizes that our “gut feelings” are not irrational guesses, but rather have a solid foundation in the intricacies of the human psyche.

The Mind’s Subconscious

Sarika notes that our subconscious is where a great deal of our intuitive knowledge comes from. She argues that our brains are continually digesting enormous amounts of information, accumulating a large reservoir of knowledge and experiences that constitute an intrinsic part of our intuition.

The Talent for Recognizing Patterns

Our minds are highly skilled at identifying patterns. Sarika helps us to see that intuition frequently comes down to quickly identifying these patterns. It’s the natural capacity to identify minute details, oddities, and connections that are hidden from our conscious awareness. When something doesn’t “feel right” or an opportunity appears too excellent to pass up, we follow our intuition.

Gut Feelings and Neuroscience

Sarika Bhardwaj provides an overview of our experience from a scientific standpoint. Science has clarified the concept of “gut feelings,” demonstrating that during these “aha” moments, activity in the brain’s anterior insula is particularly high. The presence and significance of our intuitive insights are confirmed by science.

Taking Care of Your Intuition

Sarika actively promotes the growth and fortification of our intuitive capacities. She offers useful methods and activities that enable people to access their inner wisdom. These could involve practising mindfulness, meditation, and cultivating self-awareness. Follow Sarika Bhardwaj on Instagram to get useful tips.

Point of Spirituality and Science

In Sarika’s writings, the peaceful fusion of spirituality and science is a frequent theme. She maintains that understanding intuition’s scientific foundations does not take away from its mystical quality. Rather, it bridges the gap between the material and the metaphysical and deepens our awareness of how the human experience is interconnected.

Our “gut feelings” are a wonderful manifestation of the complex interaction between spirituality and science, not just random events. Putting your faith in your intuition is a recognition of the extraordinary potential that exists inside the human mind, as well as a step toward personal development.

In her book, ‘A Fool’s Journey,’ and through her spiritual guidance, Sarika keeps illuminating the way to a more harmonious and happy life.